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Projects 2013-2019


Legal consulting for socially disadvantaged people

The main aim of the Action was to offer a free legal advice to socially disadvantaged people. The program consists of a full service of professional legal advice and other legal services important to resolve legal problems of socially disadvantaged, especially those with low incomes and low levels of education. For the duration of the Action (August - December) we offered legal assistance over 250 people and helped them to resolve legal position. The target group, to whom the program is intended are persons with low incomes, the unemployed, people with low pensions, students, etc..

With this Action we are trying to establish legal safety of  an  individual  and  to  inform  them  of  their  rights  and  duties.  Furthermore, its main lead is the protection of human rights and commitment for a welfare state. We performed legal assistance in the area of protection of human rights, civil law, consumer rights and protection, administrative law, labor law, social security law, criminal law and trespasses and other areas, where legal protection is necessary. Legal assistance means examination of legal situation and appropriate legal regulations to notify beneficiary with all the questions and circumstances, that are important for their rights, obligations, and legal relations; beyond that, legal assistance informs them about conditions, shape and content of legal device and procedures for their insurance.  

The project is co-financed by Municipally of Koper


Pupils against Shadows – STOP trafficking in human beings!

The main aim of the Action was to educate pupils of the third triad of primary schools about the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings, about the risk that present and measures of self protection. With the help of trained volunteers we performed over 70 workshops in primary schools across all Slovenia,

In addition, we actively raised awareness about the phenomenon through internet, social networks and the media (newspaper, radio, online media). The Action directly involved over 2000 pupils in elementary schools across Slovenia. Through the Internet and other media we also involved other children and adolescents and the general public. The project has both directly and indirectly covered over 10,000 persons. With the Action pupils have learned about traps of human trafficking, how to recognize the risk and discover ways of self-protection. Beside workshops we organized also other activities:

-       training of volunteers to help in the implementation of workshops,

-       round table about current and innovative preventive measures to fight against trafficking in human beings. Our guest were Mrs. Vlasta Nussdorfer, Ombudsman and Mr. Sandi Čurin, national coordinator for fight against trafficking in human beings,

-       brochure with informations about trafficking in human beings,

-       online game with questions about the issue of trafficking in human beings.

The project is co-financed by Government communication office



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