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Pro Bono Legal Aid


At the Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights, we are aware that social relations are getting more complicated each day, so the number of regulations that edit those relations is growing rapidly. Because of the complicated legislation and the importance of accessibility to legal assistance, we decided to help the most disadvantaged groups of people. A team of young lawyers helps our users to clear their legal situation and proposes the best solutions for their case. 

We perform legal assistance in the area of protection of human rights, civil law, consumer rights and protection, administrative law, labour law, social security law, criminal law and trespasses and other areas, where legal protection is necessary.  

First legal advice consist of an explanation of the legal position and a short advice about possible solutions to conclude an out-of-court settlement, about rights and obligations at the beginning of a procedure, about competences of a court, about rules of procedure, about costs and execution of the decision. 

Legal assistance means examination of legal situation and appropriate legal regulations to notify beneficiary with all the questions and circumstances, that are important for their rights, obligations and legal relations; beyond that, legal assistance informs them about conditions, shape and content of legal device and procedures for their insurance.


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