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About us

The Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights is a non-profit organization established in April 2013 with the goals to offer free legal aid to socially disadvantaged people, to expand legal culture in the local community, support local NGO`s and assist individuals in the protection of human rights.

Other activities of our centre are:

- provide legal aid to consumers, 

- implement procedures of alternative dispute resolution, 

- advise on aspects of European calls and to help with applications and 

- spread information about European Union and Council of Europe in the Primorska region. 



The Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights promotes and attends to develop legal thought and provides several forms of legal aid. With our work, we are trying to establish legal safety of an individual and to inform them of their rights and duties. Furthermore, our main lead is the protection of human rights and commitment for a welfare state. 


At our centre, we are trying to become an indispensable element of legal safety in the Primorska region and a supporting centre for individuals and non-governmental organizations. We offer our services to everyone who needs them. At the same time, we wish to raise the legal awareness of individuals and institutions in the Primorska region. 


Our work is based on high professional standards that employees gain with permanent education on their working area and with several experiences, considering appropriate standards and valid regulations. In our work we respect human rights and other rights of an individual under principle of honesty and regarding principle of independency and impartiality.


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